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Who doesn’t love a bit of luxury every now and again? And when it comes to those precious vacations or tiring work trips, it’s often worth splashing out the extra dollars to go five-star and make sure your trip is as luxurious, relaxing and revitalizing as it can be.

But five-star luxury usually means a five-star price tag. And while there are some seriously expensive hotels and resorts available for those with more than enough money to spare, there are also plenty of fantastic luxury hotels around the world that don’t cost the earth. Handily, financial insights hub Top Dollar has done some digging for you and created some maps of the cheapest five-star hotels in the world.

Three star prices can get you five star views and amenities – if you know where to look.

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Before you reach for the credit card to start booking, there are some caveats to consider. Firstly, prices change-often rapidly. The prices you’ll see on these maps are representative of a single night booked in July 2021 for two people, with price updates for July 2022 included in the descriptions below for some hotels. But every hotel here is representative of what you can get for your money-that rare thing, a five-star bargain.

Secondly, it’s important to know there’s no globalized standard for what makes a hotel five star. Areas in Europe are attempting to standardize this star rating internationally but at the moment that’s not much more than a pipe dream – many even self award their rating (with some bold enough to go up to seven stars!). This is where viewer rating sites like Tripadvisor are invaluable to qualify the hotels’ own claims of luxury.

As such, for the purposes of this global review, you can expect these hotels to have the room size, facilities and amenities you’d largely expect from five-star accommodation.

North America

Head to Mexico for the best five-star deal in North America.


The cheapest five-star option in North America is the Hotel 1970 Posada Guadalajara in Mexico, which starts at $79 a night (update: available July 2022 for just $51 a night) and mixes classic Mexican with contemporary design to stylish effect. Hilton bought the building in 2018 and completed a $6.5 million renovation as part of its Curio Collection adding a presidential suite, business lounge, rooftop sky bar, fire pit, and custom-made headboards made by local craftspeople.

The cheapest option in the US is the ADERO Scottsdale, part of the Autograph Collection, set in a protected Dark Sky Community in the Sonoran Desert of Phoenix, Arizona. On top of the gorgeous design that’s seen it appear on many a hotel hip list over the last year, its location provides many more than five stars to enjoy from its on-site stargazing facilities. The price of a single room for two in July 2022 has dropped from last year to a very reasonable $178 a night.

South America

You’ll find one of the cheapest five-star hotels in the world in Bogota, Colombia.


Head to Colombia and the NH Collection Bogotá WTC Royal, and you’ll be staying at one of the cheapest five star hotels in the world at just $42 a night (though in July 2022 this has increased to $73). Next to the Bogotá World Trade Center its rooms are sound-proofed for guaranteed calm yet it’s also close to the gardens, cafés, and galleries of the Parque 93 area should you crave some action.

The NH Collection also offers what may be the most expensive of the hotels listed as cheapest in its country, but when the NH Collection Plaza Santiago in Chile costs just $125 a night (down to $110 a night in July 2022) and offers awe-inspiring views over the Andes, every cent is money well spent.


Norway takes the crown for most expensive cheap five-star hotel at the Grand Hotel Oslo.


Mainly concentrated in the center and east of Europe, there are a surprising number of five-star hotels coming in at less than $100 a night. Among them the fantastic Corinthia Hotel Prague clocking in at $98 a night in July 2022. A modern glass tower with a lush, plush interior it also offers a great spa complete with swimming pool serving up amazing views over ‘the city of a hundred spires’.

Head to the UK and Oddfellows on the Park in Cheadle, Manchester to get a great five-star deal. A Victorian mansion set on the gorgeous 100-acre Bruntwood Park, it blends traditional charm with modern amenities and a healthy dose of English eccentricity. Rooms in July 2022 start from £110 (around $135). Bargain.

Asia & Oceania

East Asia is home to more cheap five star hotels than anywhere else.


Asia brings with it the promise of frankly ridiculous prices for the promise of a five-star stay. India and Indonesia in particular are bank-friendly hotspots – in particular the fantastically Javanese Royal Surakarta Heritage Solo McGallery Collection Accor hotel available in July 2022 for an unbelievable $32 a night.

Australia too isn’t closed to a five-star bargain. Although there are some cheaper, few can match the quality and location of Sydney’s Meriton Suites Chatswood, the tallest hotel in the area that offers sweeping views over the northern part of the city. A bargain at $165 a night in July.


Countries with fewer than five five-star hotels aren’t included, hence the white space in Africa.


Africa offers a huge range of five-star price points but few if any come in cheaper than Egypt’s Steigenberger Resort Achti in Luxor at just $37 for a night in July. Set on the east bank of the Nile River, it sits in a 1.2-hectare tropical garden and has its own marina.

Head to amazing Morocco and follow in the footsteps of Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, Jefferson Airplane and the great and good of rock and roll to the hippie town of Essaouira where you can stay in the classically renovated Palais des Remparts. Built into the ramparts of the old medina, rooms in July are going for $53 a night this July. Madness!

You can see the methodology behind the original research here.

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