The Difference Between 5 Star Hotels & 5 Star Deluxe Hotels

The Difference Between 5 Star Hotels & 5 Star Deluxe Hotels

The Difference Between 5 Star & 5 Star Deluxe Hotels

Hotels provide travelers with comfort, relaxation, and pampering while making them feel at home. The hotel rating system has helped to categorize hotels into various grades while judging them on a number of features. What does a hotel possess that makes it a better choice than other hotels? Well, the reasons can be many and vary from hotel to hotel But, generally, some features that differentiate a 5-star hotel from a 5-star deluxe hotel are what you can find in the article that follows.

5 Star Hotels: Are these the best you can check in?


Characterized by luxury appointments, top-class service, and the epitome of comfort, five-star hotels feature original architecture and interior design with the utmost care taken to use only the highest-grade materials in construction and décor. Here, you will be treated like royalty, with the finest dining services and room service ready to cater to your every whim! You just think of it and you can have it, from maintaining your fitness regime to indulging in a scrumptious treat hailing from any corner of the globe, it’s all at your fingertips at these properties.

5 Star Deluxe Hotels: What makes these ideally the ‘best’?


Most travelers and even professionals believe that no hotel rating system on Earth gives a rating higher than 5 stars. It’s because the standard and quality expected to acquire that 5-star rating is something that only a few hotels on this earth have managed to achieve. But those that have achieved beyond even that have been rated as 5-star deluxe hotels. An example of such deluxe hotel fame is the Burj al-Arab in the UAE. Awarded as the most luxurious property ever; this is expected to have the rumored seven-star status, which has yet to be announced.

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What makes Five-Star hotels Different from Five-Star Deluxe Hotels?


Five-star hotels are luxurious properties catering to those searching for an over-the-top experience. Most business travelers and celebrities are known to commonly visit these properties while on a luxury vacation or business trip. Five-star deluxe hotels, on the other hand, are for royalty and billionaires, people for whom money is no object. Five-star hotels take into account high-grade materials and intricate architecture. Room service is available 24 hours a day with gourmet dining and a high staff-to-guest ratio. Access to entrainment, fitness, sports, wellness centers, and pools is what you can always find in a five-star hotel property.

Five-star hotels have everything you would look for in top luxury, but what five-star deluxe, properties top even this? Rolls Royce Limousine guest shuttle service and a ‘royal’ treatment rather than just luxurious or presidential are what you can expect when here. Furnishings here are made from gold, but as every good thing comes at its price, even this one is something that you can experience only by churning out a sum that’s actually ‘huge’. The price difference between a five-star hotel and a five-star deluxe hotel is substantially notable. While in a five-star deluxe hotel, the cheapest room tariff you can expect per night is $1700. But, when staying at a five-star hotel property, you can expect the service for three nights with a partner while shelling out the same amount of dollars.

Some examples of five-star hotels which have earned worldwide popularity include Pan Pacific Hotels and Resorts, Orient-Express Hotels, Conrad (Hilton), Kempinski, Mandarin Oriental, JW Marriott, and the Ritz Carlton (Marriott). But, the hotel which managed to garner the five stars deluxe category for the first time ever is the Burj Al Arab in Dubai. If you’re ready to spend $28,000 for a night and walk staircases made out of magnificent gold and marble, sleep in a rotating four-poster canopy bed, be surrounded by mahogany furniture, enjoy Hermes body products and skip the shuttle for a BMW, Rolls Royce or a helicopter, then this can be your jackpot.

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Another difference is the staff, at the five-star deluxe hotels, guests and their preferences are already known upon checking in, and everyone who works at the property knows who they will be serving. Staff at a five-star hotel does not take the time to do this research and often the hotel holds many more guests. The cost you pay, when retreating to a five-star deluxe hotel, means you can expect that attention and services like no other.

Five-star deluxe hotels- also known as “ultimate luxury properties”


The number of five-star deluxe hotels is small, but this can allow you to experience their discrete yet opulent decorations, personal swimming pools and butlers, private check-in service, undersea dining, rain showers, and Jacuzzi suites along with many more such experiences that allow you to experience the trip that you have always dreamed of. That dream can now be a reality.

Five-star deluxe hotels are a designation that was created when the need was felt for categorizing hotels that possess qualities and facilities that exceed the already spectacular five-star properties. In reality, however, there is no formal categorization for luxury properties, higher than five stars, but some properties have taken to announcing their uber-luxurious status by being called six or seven stars, hence the idea sprung forth of a five-star deluxe hotel category.

So, here are some differences or points which can help you better understand what makes a five-star hotel property different from a five-star deluxe hotel property.

The difference is visible, but can be experienced only when you become a guest here!

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