Mini 6 Inch Vanilla Cake Recipe

A moist scratch mini 6 inch vanilla cake recipe you can make as a small layer cake for yourself, a small birthday party, a smash cake or even a dessert just for two. Sometimes you just don’t need a large cake.

You might just need a small smash cake or maybe there are only a few people in your household, then this two-layer, 6-inch mini cake is the perfect size.

This vanilla mini cake is not only cute, but it’s from scratch, it’s moist and it’s full of vanilla flavor. There are two layers of vanilla cake, then it’s all covered with a rich vanilla buttercream frosting.

You can decorate this mini layer cake any way you like, or you can just leave it plain for an easy dessert.

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Unsalted butter: This will be used for both the cake and the buttercream. You’ll want to make sure to let it come to room temperature (don’t microwave it though) before using it.

Sour Cream: This is the star in this vanilla cake. Sour cream in cakes really helps give them a soft texture, makes them super moist and it enhances the taste as well.

Vanilla Extract: Make sure not to skip this as it’s what will give the vanilla cake a nice vanilla flavor. If you have access to vanilla bean paste, that’s even better.

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So, to do this, you’ll add the chunks of butter to the dry mixture and mix with an electric mixer on medium speed while you add the butter in.

Mix until the mixture resembles a coarse, sand-like texture. You basically want the butter to coat the dry mixture.

Next, add the second half of the liquid mixture and mix on medium until well combined.

Make sure to scrape down the sides of the bowl and then mix again just until all the ingredients are well incorporated. Be very careful not to over-mix at this point.

Check the consistency and if it’s too thick add another tablespoon of milk and mix well. Cover well and set aside while the cake cools.

The tops of these cake layers will flatten out a bit as they cool, but you can also level the tops with a knife to get them flat in order to decorate.

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