Graduation Money Cake

Graduation Money Cake

I love a good crafty way to give money. Last year I made a Money Topiary but this year I took on a Money Cake.

LBE Money Cake

Similar to the Money Topiary, you can start early and just add the $ as you have it available. It was a little easier to count the bills needed this time. Are you ready for the total? 131 bills used. So use $5 and $10 bills wisely!

Money Cake Supplies

  • Glass plate
  • Glass candlestick holder
  • Strong adhesive
  • Floral Foam Circles in graduating sizes (I used 4.8 inch, 8 inch and 10 inch)
  • Paint (I used a metallic acrylic paint)
  • Money (I used $1 and $5 bills)
  • Hot glue/glue gun
  • Glue dots
  • Clear hairbands
  • Pins
  • Ribbon (I used 1 inch ribbon)

Step 1

Easiest cake plate you’ll ever make. Just glue a single candlestick holder to the underside of a plate. Doesn’t have to be glass, I’m sure plastic would hold the money cake just fine.

LBE Cake Stand

  • TIP: Don’t use too much glue if using glass or a clear plastic plate as it is visible from the top if that is of concern to you.

Step 2

Painting the foam. I used whatever paint I had on hand. But test your foam circles to see if the paint will eat away at your foam first. The good news is you don’t have to paint the entire circle. Only the top will show!

LBE Money Cake Form

  • TIP: I used a foam wreath because it was the right size and still covered enough to glue together.

Step 3

Glue the foam rounds together. I used hot glue and probably looked ridiculous trying to stand over the circles to get in the exact center.

  • TIP: If you are having a difficult time finding same height circles, glue two thinner ones together. I ended up doing and you can’t tell once done.
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Step 4

Start rolling the dollar bills. Your choice to do all at once. I did one at a time in an effort to keep them even. I didn’t succeed 100% but the good news is you can take out and redo easily.

  • TIP: Poke the pin through the inner part of the clear band first, then roll the bill. Without the clear band, you could pin straight through the rolled bill, but the bills would then have a hole in them. I’ve seen it both ways, I just chose with no hole.

LBE Money Cake DIY

  • TIP: Watch to make sure you are rolling the bills the same way.

Step 5

Insert the rolled bills into the foam.

LBE Money Cake

  • TIP: Start from the top layer down when inserting into the foam. Promise me, it will be better in the end. I learned the hard way.

Step 6

Wrap the bills in ribbon. This will nicely cover the clear bands. I secured with glue dots.

Step 7

Glue to the cake plate. I added a small line of glue on the outer rim of the plate for security. Less stress on myself while we were in the car to the Grad Party.

Step 8 (optional)

Add a topper. A small vase of flowers or a Congratulations sign made out of cardstock would be a great addition. I added a disco ball drink cup, simply because I thought it was cute. Be creative.

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