Jordan itinerary for 5 days full of natural wonders (2023)

If you’re wondering what to do in Wadi Rum, there’s quite a few things to do in Wadi Rum, however, you will need to opt for a Wadi Rum jeep tour with a guide as the terrain is only suited for a 4×4.

Here’s a Wadi Rum itinerary for a few things you can do in Wadi Rum. If you choose to go on a private tour, you can let your guide know what you’d like to see from the list below. Else please compare the things you can do in Wadi Rum to the items mentioned here to check if you will get to see them on your tour.

Things to see in Wadi Rum

Once we were on our way I realized that the landscape in Wadi Rum was unlike any I’d ever seen before.

The circumstances that helped in the formation of Wadi Rum must have been extraordinary as even today you can see mountains that look like someone put a layer of icing over them. It won’t be incorrect to compare Wadi Rum to Mars on earth. Since almost none of us have been to Mars, getting to Wadi Rum is probably the closest you’ll get to being on Mars!


Our first stop on our Wadi Rum day tour itinerary was the Lawrence Spring. Also known as Ain Abu Aineh it will probably be the first stop on your itinerary too.

While many say that it isn’t the spring that T.E. Lawrence aka Lawrence of Arabia and Faisal used to water their camels before the attack on Aqaba during the Arab revolt, if you hike up the rocky slope, the views of Khazali Canyon and Wadi Rum are impressive.

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Some say Ain Shalaaleh is the original spring as mentioned in his book ‘Seven Pillars of Wisdom’, however, both the locations are beautiful and have historical value.

There’s also a massive boulder at the bottom that has Nabataean inscriptions.


Lawrence made Wadi Rum famous as he used the location as his military base and even stayed here for a while so expect a few locations in Wadi Rum to be dedicated to the time he spent here.

The Lawrence House is a Nabataean structure he used to store weapons during the Arab revolution and is a quick stop on the itinerary.


Khazali canyon or siq as it is called here was the most interesting spot in the whole of Wadi Rum for me as ages ago Bedouins used this canyon while passing through the desert to rest, get a drink of water and even pitch tents and stay.

The Siq cuts through Jebel Khazali and there are ancient inscriptions and petroglyphs here aka engravings of feet, Orynx, elephants, etc. at various intervals on the walls of the canyon.

The first few feet are easily accessible and you can maybe hike in the canyon however due to the inscriptions, it isn’t encouraged.

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