National Symbols Of India – GK Questions With Answers For Kids

Most people are aware of the national symbols of our country. The national emblem, for example, is seen during events of official state or national importance on boards, murals, and websites. Apart from the state and national emblem, many national symbols represent a distinctive characteristic feature of our country. Other national symbols people are most familiar with include the national flag, the national anthem, and the national animals. Because of the weightage given to what the symbols represent, the citizens of India must be aware of the national symbols.

In this article, we have put together GK questions on national symbols of India for classes 1, 2 and 3 in a format that can also be used as a test of knowledge.

Why Is It Important To Know National Symbols?

A nation’s national symbols are a visual, verbal, and iconic representation of its unique identity; hence it consists of a host of carefully chosen objects that defines the country’s sensibilities. The role of the national symbol is not only to uniquely represent the country, but to also instil national pride in its citizens. The national symbols promote patriotism and a feeling of national community and brotherhood.

A multifaceted country like India requires the right set of national symbols to represent its unique mix of citizens. Here are four important reasons why knowing the national symbols is important:

  • It promotes oneness: It is important that a country as diverse as India stays united. The national flag, for example, is a symbol that exudes the guiding principles of India. The saffron colour on top indicates strength and courage. While the middle white band stands for peace, unity, and truth with the Dharma Chakra. The last green band symbolizes fertility and growth.
  • Highlights the history and culture: National symbols highlight the history and culture of the nation. The National Emblem, for example, contains the Sarnath Lion capital from the time of Ashoka.
  • Motivates citizens: The national emblems are a symbol of pride for every citizen. It is meant to motivate them both during times of peace and conflict. The national animal Tiger, for example, is a symbol of strength, grace, and agility.
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General Knowledge Questions On National Symbols Of India for Children With Answers

The questions on national symbols in this section can be used as a GK quiz on national symbols:


Q1. What is the national animal of India?

a) Cow b) Elephant c) Lion d) Tiger

Q2. What is the national bird of India?

a) Parrot b) Peacock c) Pigeon d) Sparrow

Q3. What is the national fruit of India?

a) Apple b) Guava c) Mango d) Pineapple

Q4. What is the national tree of India?

a) Ashoka b) Banyan c) Eucalyptus d) Neem

Q5. What is the national flower of India?

a) Jasmine b) Lily c) Lotus d) Rose

Q6. What is the national anthem of India?

a) Jana-Gana-Mana b) Maa Tujhe Salaam c) Saare Jahaan se Accha d) Vande Mataram

Q7. In which language was the Jana-Gana-Mana originally composed?

a) Bengali b) Gujarati c) Hindi d) Marathi

Q8. Who wrote the national song of India?

a) Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay b) Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar c) Muhammad Iqbal d) Rabindranath Tagore

Q9. How many Asiatic Lions are present on the Indian State Emblem?

a) 2 b) 3 c) 4 d) 5

Q10. Which is the national song of India?

a) Jana-Gana-Mana b) Maa Tujhe Salaam c) Saare Jahaan se Accha d) Vande Mataram

Q11. Name the national aquatic animal of India?

a) Blue Whale b) Ganges River Dolphin c) Octopus d) Shark

Q12. Which is the national river of India?

a) Brahmaputra b) Chenab c) Ganga d) Narmada

Q13. What is the national currency of India?

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a) Dollar b) Indian Rupee c) Euros d) Yen

Q14. Which is the national reptile of India?

a) Anaconda b) King Cobra c) Python d) Viper

Q15. Which is the name of the national heritage animal of India?

a) Asiatic Lion b) Asiatic Black Bear c) Chimpanzee d) Elephant

Q16. What is the national vegetable of India?

a) Bitter Gourd b) Potato c) Pumpkin d) Tomato

Q17. What is the national game of India?

a) Basketball b) Cricket c) Hockey d) Kabaddi

Q18. Which is the national calendar of India?

a) Gregorian Calendar b) Hindu Calendar c) Saka Calendar d) Vikram Samvat Calendar

Q19. What is the name of the Indian national flag?

a) Duo colour b) Flag c) Tricolour (Tiranga) d) Pentacolour

Q20. What is the ratio of the Indian national flag’s width to length?

a) 1:2 b) 1:4 c) 2:3 d) 3:4


1. (d) Tiger 2. (b) Peacock 3. (c) Mango 4. (b) Banyan 5. (c) Lotus 6. (a) Jana-Gana-Mana 7. (a) Bengali 8. (a) Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay 9. (c) 4 10. (d) Vande Mataram 11. (a) Ganges River Dolphin 12. (c) Ganga 13. (b) Indian Rupee 14. (b) King Cobra 15. (d) Elephant 16. (c) Pumpkin 17. (c) Hockey 18. (c) Saka Calendar 19. (c) Tricolour (Tiranga) 20. (c) 2:3

The national symbols such as the national flag, the national emblem, and national animals form a unique identity of our country. It is important to learn about these not only as part of general knowledge but also because every citizen of the country should be aware of them.

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