Ôn tập hè Tiếng Anh 6 bài 3

Ôn tập hè Tiếng Anh 6 bài 3
• Present simple tense (continued)
• Present progressive tense (continued)
• Adjectives
• Quantifiers: a, an, some, any
• Adverbs of frequency
• Partitives: a box of…, a can of…, etc.
• want, need
1. Some và any:
• Một cách tổng quát, chúng ta dùng some trong câu xác định (affirmative) và any trong câu phủ định (negative).
He is buying some new pens.
I have some interesting books.
They haven’t got any children.
She doesn’t do any housework. She is very lazy.
• Trong câu hỏi (question), chúng ta thường dùng any, không dùng some.
Has she got any English books?
Have you got any money?
• Chúng ta dùng some trong các câu hỏi khi chúng ta đề nghị hay yêu cầu điều gì.
Would you like some coffee?
Can I have some of those oranges?
2. want và need: cần, muốn cái gì hoặc làm gì
• want something/ to do something
   need something/ to do something
I want to go home early.
He wants a cup of warm tea.
She needs to buy a new dictionary.
He needs some money.
• Chúng ta chỉ dùng want và need ở thời hiện tại (present tense) và thời quá khứ (past tense).
Did you want to meet him?
He needed the computer this morning.

I. Choose the best option A, B, C or D to complete the sentence.
1. My brother is very ………….. He is at least 175 cm.
A. high
B. tall
C. long
D. height
2. The children ……. playing with their toys.
A. are
B. be
C. is
D. to be
3. What time does Linh usually wake ……. in the morning?
A. up
B. at
C. of
D. out
4. My sister has  …………….
A. black hair long 
B. long black hair
C. black long hair 
D. hair black long
5. What color …….. her eyes?
A. does
B. do
D. are
6. He is but his father is short.
A. old
B. short
C. tall
D. nice
7. My brother isn’t weak. He is …………… 
A. fat
B. strong
C. thin
D. beautiful
8. I’m very ………. Is there anything to eat?
A. hunger
B. hungry
C. thirsty
D. hot
9. We would like …… water. 
A. any
B. many
C. some
D. a lot
10. Would you like something to ? – Yes. a glass of water, please.
A. have
B. drink
C. eat
D. smell
11. There aren’t ……… tomatoes left in the kitchen.
A. no
B. any
C. some
D. much
12. May I have ……. sugar, please?
A. a
C. one
D. some
13. Minh usually …….. lunch at school.
A. docs
B. have
C. has
D. is having
14. 1 don’t want much sugar in my tea. Just ……. please.
A. few
B. little
C. a little
D. a few
15. It was very serious illness and Peter still feels very …………..
A. good
B. well
C. weak
D. strong
16. If my tooth doesn’t stop hurting. 1’11 go and see my ……….
A. teacher
B. dentist
C. writer
D. baker
17. Could you pass me some salt? – Certainly. Here ………
A. this is
B. are you
C. there is
D. you are
18. Are you listening to the news …… the radio?
A. at
B. by
C. in
D. on
19. My friend is a ……….. 
A. gymnast
B. gymnasts
C. gymnastic
D. gymnasium
20. My mother usually goes ……. a walk in the morning.
A. on
B. to
C. for
D. in

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II. Put the adjectives in the box into six groups: eyes, hair, face, lips, build, appearance.
Blue; blond; oval; gray; short;
fat; beautiful; long; young; old;
tall; full; big; small; black;
round; good-looking; thin; heavy; light

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